Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bohemian Kendall

I found this cool vest and ruffled skirt at the Goodwill in the 2.99 grab bag bin. All of her other accessories are from various, Liv, and Mattel outfits.

The rattan chair is also a GW find. 

Don't hurt them girl!

Ready for Afropunk Fest!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Around the house with Kendall


As you can see my girl is all about the pink! Not, she is currently renovating and the only pink she'd love to keep is her Jonathan Adler sofa!  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monster High House #2

Hey everyone! This is the second Monster High House that I've customized. This is my favorite of the two and it's now listed on eBay also. 

Thanks for viewing!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Monster High Apartment

I wanted to create some spaces for the Monster High ghouls and this is what I've come up with


It's a repainted bratz world house and Rochelle has currently taken residence here. It's not complete yet but Rochelle loves it anyway. Little does she know, she'll soon have a eviction notice as this house is up for auction on eBay. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goodwill Hunting

Hey y'all look what I, well my mom, found at the Goodwill some months ago. 
This! Ta-Da!!
These are desk fountains, I believe, and I could not say no to purchasing these two. They are scale and the first one works perfectly. The second, nope, but still neat. They are battery operated, you fill them with water and voilĂ , instant tranquility.  These will look nice inside and outside of Victor Del Salvador's restaurant, La Cuchara Plata or Salvador's.  I haven't decided on a name yet. Which do you like best?

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Emily Grace's Disappointment

Emily Grace sat sulking away on her bed.  Bentu had discovered her spying on Lauryn and herself from their Jack and Jill bathroom and ordered her away. Emily Grace just wanted to hang with her big sister, Bentu. "It's not fair, Bentu treats me like a pest nowadays", Emily Grace reflected to herself.  "I'm not a baby, I'm eight, that's old."   (Knock-knock)
In came Emily Graces' youngest sister, Sophia. "Would you like to play tea party with me Emmie?" Sophia asked.  "Sure" said Emily Grace, she would do anything for Sophia.  When Sophia was born, her parents let Emily choose Hope as Sophia's middle name.  The doctors didn't think she'd make it past one year of age after they diagnosed her with cancer.  At five years old, Sophia is the smallest in her kindergarten class and still gets sick often, but she's a survivor. 

"This tea is delightful" said Sophia. "Indeed it tis" said Emily Grace in her best English accent. "That's so funny, let me try", "Would you like some crumpets?" asked Sophia.  She sounded like a squeaky old lady. "Certainly," said Emily Grace keeping up the act as she giggled. When they'd grown tired of "tea" they watched a movie on Emily Grace's flat screen, while eating popcorn. 

Before they got totally tired Emily decided  for them to have their own slumber party. 
Emily Grace prayed that night for more nights like this with Sophia Hope.

Thanks for viewing!