Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goodwill Hunting

Hey y'all look what I, well my mom, found at the Goodwill some months ago. 
This! Ta-Da!!
These are desk fountains, I believe, and I could not say no to purchasing these two. They are scale and the first one works perfectly. The second, nope, but still neat. They are battery operated, you fill them with water and voil√†, instant tranquility.  These will look nice inside and outside of Victor Del Salvador's restaurant, La Cuchara Plata or Salvador's.  I haven't decided on a name yet. Which do you like best?

Thanks for viewing!


  1. These are great accessories! Mmm... I can't choose what the name is concerned, I bet you will choose the right one :-)!!!

  2. I have seen the second one before. They are both nice but I think I really like the first one...and to think it works too! NICE!

    I like the simple name of "Salvador's"

    1. I like the first one as well, it even lights up. Salvador's is simpler and it's the family's namesake.