Friday, February 21, 2014

Emily Grace's Disappointment

Emily Grace sat sulking away on her bed.  Bentu had discovered her spying on Lauryn and herself from their Jack and Jill bathroom and ordered her away. Emily Grace just wanted to hang with her big sister, Bentu. "It's not fair, Bentu treats me like a pest nowadays", Emily Grace reflected to herself.  "I'm not a baby, I'm eight, that's old."   (Knock-knock)
In came Emily Graces' youngest sister, Sophia. "Would you like to play tea party with me Emmie?" Sophia asked.  "Sure" said Emily Grace, she would do anything for Sophia.  When Sophia was born, her parents let Emily choose Hope as Sophia's middle name.  The doctors didn't think she'd make it past one year of age after they diagnosed her with cancer.  At five years old, Sophia is the smallest in her kindergarten class and still gets sick often, but she's a survivor. 

"This tea is delightful" said Sophia. "Indeed it tis" said Emily Grace in her best English accent. "That's so funny, let me try", "Would you like some crumpets?" asked Sophia.  She sounded like a squeaky old lady. "Certainly," said Emily Grace keeping up the act as she giggled. When they'd grown tired of "tea" they watched a movie on Emily Grace's flat screen, while eating popcorn. 

Before they got totally tired Emily decided  for them to have their own slumber party. 
Emily Grace prayed that night for more nights like this with Sophia Hope.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

After the Sweet Hearts Dance

Lauryn had barely made it into Bentu's room when Bentu in her West African accent said, "Okay spill the beans".  This made Lauryn giggle because she had only taught her the meaning of this American phrase a couple of weeks ago. Lauryn tried to play dumb about the meaning of Bentu's question.  "What's to spill?", she asked.  Bentu's glared at Lauryn from behind her cat eyed glasses, then tilted her head to the side. "So you want me to beg?", she whined. 
"No," Lauryn moaned while covering her face with a pillow, "okay I danced with Big-Eared Jeremy".  "Hahahaha", laughed Bentu. "I'm so glad to not have participated in this St. Valentine's nonsense", she said in a laughing fit.  Lauryn got irritated, "You we're supposed to have come with me Miss Stomach Influenza", she huffed.  "I was sick, sick about being the only girl tall enough to dance with Big-Eared Jeremy", Bentu chocked out in a giggling fit. "His ears are so big he was the first to tell of the Shot Heard Around the World", she laughed.
This made Lauryn giggle too. She thought to herself about going to her first school dance and what it had been like to slow dance with Jeremy Tate.  Despite his big ears, Jeremy was sort of cute. "Hello, are you still here?" Bentu asked waving a hand to Lauryn. 
"Yes", answered Lauryn.  "So," asked Bentu, "did he kiss you?"  Lauryn was horrified, "No," she yelped. "My parents as well as your mom were there the whole time, plus I'm not wasting my first kiss in the eigth grade."
"Ok, ok," said Bentu, "let's go ask my dad for pizza."  Lauryn was more than happy to end the dance conversation. 

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Doll Families

Here are a few of our doll families who inhabit Hopeswell, our fictional doll town. 

First up...
The Johnson family (l to r) oldest daughter, Lauryn, mother, Brandy Glover Johnson, twins Courtney and Camryn (standing), and dad Jason.  

Brandy's sister, Grace Glover-Wright with her boyfriend, Dr. Damien Cross, and Grace's daughter, Emma. 

The Del Salvador Family (clockwise) son/younger brother, Ricky Armando Del Salvador, Gabriella Constantina Benitez (Victor's niece), patriarch, Victor Castillo Del Salvador, mother, Maria Catherine Isabella Hernadez Del Salvador, and daughter/eldest child, Nicolita (Nikki) Ana Maria Del Salvador Rodriguez.

Nikki's Family
Nikki and Miguel Rodriguez and daughter, Saniya

Sydney's Family
The Williams
Mom, Sydney, son, Chase Jr., daughter Chelsea, father Chase Williams Sr. 

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